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The Arcade Time Watch!
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Arcade Time Game Watch

Additional details about the " Arcade Time " watch!
Year Made: 1982
Brand: GCE
Info/Description: I think this is my favorite. The GCE Arcade Time Watch. I actually received one of these watches as a birthday gift in the 6th grade! I probably ripped open the box and tossed I surely remember EVERYONE asking me to play it.

I currently have three of these in my collection. Two of them are boxed and one brand spanking NEW. I also have one that I bought from Robbie which has the creator's signature on the back as well as verifying documentation. This is a really cool game watch.

If you have one of these GCE watches be extra careful not to crack the plastic where the bands attach. When placing on your wrist do not pull the band to tight to fasten as it could crack the plastic.
Current Owner: John
Previous Owner: Robbie, Daniel, and others
How Rare is it?
(8 out of 10)
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Quantity Owned: (4)

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Title: Search is over
Comment left by: Ben R.
Date: 2014-01-21
Comment left:
I had one of these when I was in 2nd grade, and got it taken away by the teacher for playing in class. It went into her desk drawer and I never saw it again, even though I'm assuming she returned it to my mother. I've wondered for 30 years exactly what watch that was... well, now I know. So much fun, the envy of my friends, and my pride-and-joy while I had it.


Comment left by: Eve Chubb
Date: 2013-09-02
Comment left:
Are you selling this watch?
I\\\'m interested in purchasing this

Please contact me


Title: The best!
Comment left by: John
Date: 2012-01-15
Comment left:
My personal favorite!




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