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The Jungle Kong Watch!
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Jungle Kong Game Watch

Additional details about the " Jungle Kong " watch!
Year Made: Unknown
Brand: Trafalgar
Info/Description: Sorry, There is curently no description for this watch.
Current Owner: John
Previous Owner: Robbie
How Rare is it?
(10 out of 10)
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Quantity Owned: (1)

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Title: Clown watch from Trafalgar
Comment left by: Jeroen Piek
Date: 2014-02-06
Comment left:
I've got the other one from Trafalgar. New in box with manual etc. Never used. Named: Clown. 
Well it's used now. I have weared it one day :)

Trafalgar made Jungle Kong and Clown replica's on watches which were original from Cresta. 

I had one Jungle Kong in the past, but now a new working Clown without scratches, buttons like new. Well it's never been used. Got it on Ebay. 

If you want pics of a movie, please mail me: vintage.jp@hotmail.com


Title: Got one!!! A bit differs from yours.
Comment left by: Mac
Date: 2013-04-12
Comment left:

I have found one from childhood. I have to check if it still works but after opening it there is a manufacturer:
'National Electronics & Watch CO. Ltd.' Hong Kong
If you are interested in some more info or photos, pls let me know.
my mail: macrix@wp.pl




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