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The Game Time Watch!
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Game Time Game Watch

Additional details about the " Game Time " watch!
Year Made: 1981
Brand: GCE
Info/Description: A great watch. I currently have 3 of these. Two are boxed, 1 is brand new never used! This watch probably has the best game play of any game watch I know. The games are actually fun and challenging. This is definitely close to being my favorite game watch of all.
Current Owner: John
Previous Owner: Robbie, and others
How Rare is it?
(7 out of 10)
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Quantity Owned: (4)

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Comment left by:
Date: 2015-02-25
Comment left:
Watch eBay. Check daily. These come around about 3 times a year for sale.


Title: congrats!!!
Comment left by: carl salvato
Date: 2015-02-24
Comment left:
hi,my name is carl.jus want to congadulate you on aquiring not 1,but 4 of these lil pieces of video game 44yrs old and remember getting one for xmas asa lil boy.Loving every moment i spent playn the games,and waiting patiently for game time to be returned to me after school from the teachers who had taken it from me.only to have it stolen by a less fortunate kid who obviously wanted one asbad as i did.Im not asking to buy your a watch from you or tryin to pursuade a sale.what i am asking though is alil advice on how to find one out there.nobody ive asked has ever heard of it,numerous times over the years ive searched the internet to no avail.last night i found out it was because i was unaware of the 3 magic letters,GNC.which in turn has lead me here.So..if anyone could shed some light on my otherwise timeless search for my holy grail grail it would be you.I apologize if this email is a bother and waste your time.thank you


Title: interested in buying?
Comment left by: Juan
Date: 2014-07-03
Comment left:
I have one boxed, working perfectly, unused


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