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The Space Wars Watch!
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Space Wars Game Watch

Additional details about the " Space Wars " watch!
Year Made: Unknown
Brand: Unknown
Info/Description: This is similar to the Conso Space Wars Watch but seems to have no brand. I have the box for this one.
Current Owner: John
Previous Owner: Robbie
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(8 out of 10)
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Title: Omni space wars watch
Comment left by:
Date: 2013-01-08
Comment left:
Hi there,I am looking for instructions for this watch. Does the defender shoot the aliens? I am also looking for a Timex space invaders watch or one of the knock offs. This is my favorite watch of all time. I had one as a kid that I was always fixing,(I had to replace the fire button with a cut down Q-tip and tape it to the watch)and it had no band. Anyway can you help me out? Thanx.




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